The 6ixth Floor.

Final Selection


I once believe I would travel across the depths of the Earth, in search of something the world deemed as unattainable. I wasn’t looking for something tangible, yet I could have sworn it was within my touch.

What I was searching for remained a mystery among men, it brought nothing but confusion and frustration.

But I knew what I was looking for.

Every time I think back to our childhood on the 6th floor, the very core of my will to begin my search, I tend to forget that you were there looking with me.

With a clarity of vision along with a child’s perception, we began to ponder upon the unknown, in search of this mystery.

Was I trying to fill a void with this search, or was there actually something out there waiting for me to discover its very existence?

I stumbled upon every single possibility that my search was slowly deviating into sheer madness; fragments of my mind disintegrating as we dug deeper and deeper.

But as time continued and as experience became my teacher as our minds began to develop, I knew my search will reach a new height. We’re much older now, so our search carried more weight as the burdens of life was more than we could take.

With a new perception, we began to remember the very first steps we took to begin this search, our young selves delving into life’s hidden things. Was it that we were too young to realise the truth that we sought for all these years? As reality struck you were reduced to tears. You looked at me slowly and suddenly time became a vortex that warped our surroundings.

See, we spent all of our lives searching for this mystery, yet the truly mysterious thing was that we couldn’t see what laid before us. The art of you was what I sought in which no one could find, but the mystery of your being was so disguised that your very self was unable to analyse. See, the truth of the matter was that the mystery I sought resided in your reflection and at the moment you knew it was true.

So we stopped searching.


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