Kane + Abel

As you faded away, they forgot but I always remembered.

See you built a prison of the mind and gave yourself a life sentence, incarcerated in the chambers of thought. Now, what skipped the understanding of many men is that the story of Kane and Abel is recurring on a daily basis, as the blood of your brother seeps through the cracks within the pavement , parallel to the same blood from your sister who reached the mark of her adolescence, evoking similar reactions from both parents.

The blurred lines between love and hate caused you to forget what you stood for and what you stand for receives judgement from our maker, but I refused to blame you. Was it the fact that you sacrificed it all and still didn’t receive the attention you deserve and blamed the neglect of your father ?  You offered the herbs that grew from the produce cultivated from the ground, and even sold to your mother, but your brother offered something far greater, you couldn’t take it. Dark intentions based on geographical locations only meant that we’re moving backwards, while the upper class of society waits in patience until we share extinction with the ancients, you knew that your veins ran through his.

So when God asked you why your brother’s blood cries on the ground, what else is to blame except the series of unfortunate events that you went through at a young age, as your scream for help was internalised then manifested outwardly by your bloodlust for violence. So as Kane was cursed and the crops he planted refused to yield plenty, why do you think we have to work twice as hard to get the little as many ?  To the point where materialistic possessions caused you to see your very brother as your enemy, not as your sibling but as your enemy. Was it the fact that the cocaine you served was of the purity of a child’s soul ? Those triple beam scales couldn’t weigh the weight on your conscience. You weren’t able to grow, you became the poisonous apple to your own tree of knowledge and inflicted your own people, a feeble mindset meant you weren’t able to see further than you actually achieved. It’s in your blood they programmed you to believe, so you grew up thinking that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree not knowing your roots were buried deeper underneath you and me.

It’s like having the wings to fly and not choosing to be free, a contradiction in the truest sense of the word. Young king, majestic in your stride, you always knew that you deserved a throne. It saddens me that misdirected love left you alone. There just happen to be a fork in the road and you didn’t know which way to turn, so I pray you make the long journey back home.


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