The Darkest Rose (I Rise)

The Darkest Rose I RISE


Whatever happened to the seed that was planted in a barren land?

Did you see the black petals that grew from the sand?

Twisted and contorted from an unnatural environment

But beautiful in composition, like a seamless song, replayed a million times.

Although the stem appears withered in defeat, it was nowhere near because I knew where you came from

This wasn’t your home, but you grew resilient in structure

How you longed for your throne, a regal vase found in the chambers of kings

Now you found yourself in a land where your beauty wasn’t embraced because of the dark essence that you bring

So, from petals grew thorns to protect your sanctity, they could speculate but I dare you to touch

Return me back home, the history of these petals cannot be ignored but then used as an object of your lust

In a poor attempt to manipulate and abuse the soils trust when it was nothing but fertile ground for you, despite it originally belonging to us

Can’t you see that these dark leaves are already stained with the blood that’s on your hands and your sleeves?

On the rope that hung from the poplar trees, on your sons and your daughters even though they weren’t alive to see your sown seeds?

But still this black rose grew, and you felt it and it scared you, why?

Is it because its petals touched your heart and resided in your conscience before dissolving into the sky?

And as time continues and as one fades away, its roots may lose its strength and its vibrant darkness alters into an elderly grey

Despite its derelict surroundings it will still disperse an ovary and multiply even as society decays

Until black roses are no longer outcasted and the beauty in their naturally dark form is accepted as a societal norm.

Whatever happened to the seed that was planted in a barren land?

The answer I finally understand, a seed that is buried can only spring forth, far exceeding what others thought they could ever withstand.

Because to be the darkest rose meant that the extent of your beauty they will spend years trying to understand, how you remained sovereign in a land that rejects you.


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